Send a digital picture of the subject, remembering that it is the upper-part of the body that will be drawn/printed and detailed on the three gift items.

As a guideline, the height from the lower chest to the top of the head should be (ideally) 10cm.

So, a landscape picture - 15cm x 10cm - of the subjects upper body should be fine.

The format of the image can be: .jpg, .png .gif or .pdf

If in doubt, send your picture and we'll see what can be done !

Also, at this time, please indicate the 'style' you wish: elf, wizard etc.

When we have received your picture - and all is in order - we will get back to you within two days in confirmation of your order and request payment.

GBP 27.50

Payment can be made by credit or debit card via Paypal, cheque, or in certain circumstances cash

Following receipt of cleared funds your Perfect Gift will be produced and normally a minimum period of 7/10 days should be allowed for this.

All items will then be packaged - bubble wrap and protected package - and posted by standard economy delivery.

Note: You should allow at least 14 days, from our receipt of cleared funds (we will advise you when cleared, by email) before you receive the package.

Please bear this in mind if you require the package to be received in time for a special occasion


it all starts with a photograph


send your picture by email attachment

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