The Club House

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The pen-drawing portrait - done in black ballpoint, mainly small dots and lines, with a hint of colour in pencil for accent - drawn by the artist Marjolein Haworth, will measure approx. 13cm. x 18cm.

Decorated with natural and coloured dried flower 'bits', seeds, wood-strands and/or shells and feathers, the wood frame and decorations are varnished for effect and protection. The frame (with glass) size is variable but generally the outside measurents are 16.5cm x 21.5cm.

Please note: there is no additional charge for more than one person - or pet - to be included in the drawing. It is the 'upper part' of the body that will be featured in the drawing. However, for pets, this could be 'full body', it depends upon the style of picture required ie. fairy, elf, wizard etc.

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The labels don't have to be address labels - measuring 8.9cm x 3.6cm, thermally printed, black-on-white - they can be used for a variety of practical purposes or, simply decorative for a special occasion. It's your choice.

They will certainly be different and effective.

The 'picture' will be identical to the pen-drawing and greeting card.

What a unique way to express your feelings for a loved one or dear friend --- an artistically designed greeting card, complementing a beautiful framed pen-drawing and set of personalised labels.

The card is 10.5cm wide x 14.5cm high and painstakingly created from a diverse range of materials.

The layered objects give a pleasant 3-D effect to the main subject, be it your loved one portrayed as a fairy or elf, or pet portrayed as a magical creature.

An envelope is provided, along with a protective cello' bag. The card has a blank insert.

> all items are supplied without the 'The Perfect Gift' watermark