The Perfect Gift is made-up from three separate, handcrafted and unique gifts.

A delightful, endearing pen drawing in a decorated wood and glass frame.

A unique Greeting Card, designed specifically for the occasion.

A set of 30 personalised labels, including the same picture theme and with text appropriate for its use - there are a variety of ways in which you can utilise these unusual labels.

A loved one, your children or a dear friend - we'll transform them into angels, wizards or witches, elves, fairies, pixies or other magical creatures

Any occasion can be celebrated with The Perfect Gift - an original and unique expression of love that can also be a bit of fun - why not surprise your mum or dad with a framed drawing, a greeting card and labels with her/him depicted as a fairy/elf, created from a photo when they were younger !

That's all we need ..

.. a photo to work with ...

people or pets, that have meaning and value to you, can be transformed into a delightful piece of art that will give lasting pleasure.

including p&p - UK mainland

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GBP 27.50


it all starts with a photograph

Combining art and graphic design with your (and our) ideas